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Do your employees lack clarity and focus?

Do they experience high levels of stress resulting in time off?

Are there frequent conflicts in your organisation?

​Is communication an issue?

Be Here Now will help with all such issues and more.

Are you ready to set your business on the path to success?

What is Mindfulness?

Most of our lives we spend lost in thought


Mindfulness is about bringing our attention back to the present moment


We can train ourselves to better focus our attention on the task at hand

Why Mindfulness?

Research shows increases in: productivity, focus, clarity, resilience, creativity, efficiency, communication, compassion, enjoyment of life, happiness, job satisfaction, teamwork, better decision making, stronger teams and leaders, engagement and resilience.

Who wouldn't want calm, focused and positive employees?

Who uses Mindfulness?

Research has showed that understanding and managing attention is now the single most important determinant of business success

This is why all the top performing companies are now investing in mindfulness programmes. 

How will mindfulness help your company?

For employees, teams and leaders who:


- need creative insights and to “think outside the box”

- are experiencing conflict

- require team building

- need to build engagement

- need better communication skills

- want to be less stressed

- want to learn to focus on what’s important


- want to enjoy their personal and professional lives more

Be Here Now Corporate Mindfulness

Be Here Now is an organisation specialising in bringing mindfulness to the corporate world


Be Here Now unlocks employees’ true potential by empowering them with mindfulness which will then be applied in every area of their work and personal lives


Founded by Stephanie Gilbert, initially studying Psychology at University, she then worked in this field for some time. 

She then trained as an Accountant and worked in the Corporate environment for 12 years. 


Now she is combining her experience with mindfulness and the corporate environment together to help organisations with a wide variety of challenges

Introduction to Mindfulness: most of our lives we spend lost in thought; mindfulness is about bringing our attention back to the present moment.  

Mindfulness Now: These are ad-hoc sessions focusing on applying mindfulness to a variety of different topics.  

Topics include subjects such as team building, communication, stress management, eliminating distractions, leadership, dealing with emotions and many others.

The resolution of these issues will not only improve the work environment but also the overall productivity which will be ultimately reflected in an increase in revenue.

Sessions can be online or in person.

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Research shows many benefits of mindfulness including lower stress levels, greater innovation and more efficient and engaged employees.  

This introduction will include a discussion of what mindfulness actually is, why every large firm is investing in mindfulness, guided practices and tips for how to start incorporating it into your life.

Sessions can be online or in person.


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Custom Mindfulness: not too sure what is best for your business?  

No problem, We specialise in tailoring our programmes to meet your objectives, culture and people.

Let us know what you are after and we will find a suitable approach to meet your expectations.

Sessions can be online or in person.


        Book a session with us.

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Be Here Now has worked with companies in a number

of different industries including Professional Services, Retail and Health Services.

The programmes have included group and individual sessions, either in person and via online calls. 


Global Consultancy:

"The session was wonderfully led and was very comforting. It's tackling the topics that are / should be of our concern in this fast-paced life where I feel we are forgetting the basics. I would love to be a part of more of these sessions  and ultimately lead a stree free and more fulfilled life."

"Maintain the current level. Sessions are great"

"Awesome work! I feel far more focussed and less stressed!"

Steph provided an introductory session into mindfulness at our head office. This session was very well received and Steph built a great rapport with the attendees, who asked questions throughout that were well received and answered. Everyone came away from the session engaged in the benefits of mindfulness and I personally have been implementing many of the techniques that Steph took us through on the day and have found this beneficial. We are looking forward to having Steph back in the future. 

- Sean O’Neill, Director of Financial Control, Wiggle

Steph has taught me how to be mindful in both my personal and professional life.  She is a passionate teacher who cares for her clients.  I have found her advice so useful with my work.  I have been able to teach my patients mindfulness and it has benefited them both physically and psychologically, in particular clients with chronic pain.  Thank you for your help, I can't recommend you enough!

- Emily Kneale, Senior Physiotherapist, Circle Hospital

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